Manx Telecom International Stage Race

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Friday 22 nd July Evening Stage One IOM Business Park Kermesse
Women  18:30 30 laps
Men  approx. 19:45 40 laps

Saturday 23 rd July A.M Stage Two Jurby Raceway Circuit Race
Women 09:30  15 laps
Men approx.11:00 30 laps

Saturday 23 rd July P.M 10 mile Individual Time Trial Jurby Road
Women 13:30
Men Follow on from the women

Sunday 24 th July P.M Stage Four Hilly Road Race
Women 12:30 55-miles
Men 13:15 83-miles

Stage 1 – Isle of Man Business Park Kermesse: Women – 30-laps / Men 40-laps

The 2022 Manx Telecom International begins on Friday 22nd July with a Kermesse, which will see riders compete on laps of a 0.7-mile (1.1Km) course in Braddan, on the outskirts of Douglas. The start and finish will be on Ballacottier  Crescent, with the circuit taking in a lap of the IOM Business Park, where three of our sponsors are based. 

Stage 2 – Jurby Raceway Circuit Race: Women 15-laps / Men 30-laps

Stage 3 – 10-mile Individual Time Trial (Women & Men)

Stage 4:
Women – 55-miles, including 3 x Queen of the Mountains

Men – Same 55-mile course & 3 x KOM’s, plus 6-laps of the Finishing Circuit

The Manx Telecom International 3-Day Stage Race will take place between Friday 22nd – Sunday 24th July 2022. The organisers would like to confirm the following Road Closures to enable the above event to take place.

Please find below a detailed description of the road closures in place for the event.

Stage 1 – Fri 22nd July - Isle of Man Business Park

Road Closure: 1745 – 2230 (latest) Race Start: 1830 Women / 1945 Men 

The course, around a 1.1km circuit in the Isle of Man Business Park, has little impact on householders as the buildings within and around the circuit are commercial in nature and the closure will take place outside of usual Business hours. Arrangements will be in place to allow access to premises should any critical business issues occur. The start and finish will be located on the road near to the MT HQ Car Park entrance, with the circuit taking an anti-clockwise route, turning left at Cycle 360 to Cooil Road roundabout, turning left to the Cooil Road, turning left at Ocean Ford and returning to the Start/Finish. Access will be maintained throughout from Cooil Road – Vicarage Road (Normal one-way direction) and access maintained throughout in & out of Spring Valley & B&Q

Stage 2 – Saturday 23rd July - Jurby Airfield Raceway

No Road Closures - Race Start: Women 0930 / Men 1045

The DfE has approved and granted the use of the Jurby Airfield Raceway and facilities for Stage 2. This provides the competitors with a safe environment for racing, whilst avoiding the need to close any public roads.

Stage 3 - Saturday 23rd July - Individual Time Trial – Jurby Road

Road Closure: 1315 – 1700 (latest) Race Start: 1330 Women and Men

This stage is an out and back, 5-mile stretch of Jurby Road, from the entrance of Mountain View Innovation Centre, (MVIC), to a u-turn just south of the Ballavarran Road. The Race HQ and all parking will be off-road, within the MVIC campus. Having the start point outside of the town and the use of both directions of the closed road, means that disruption for residents is reduced to an absolute minimum, with only a small number of residences affected for a period of 3’30” on Saturday afternoon. The main population areas of Ramsey, Jurby, Andreas and Bride are avoided and will be accessible throughout the event. The road closure points will commence at the entrance to the MVIC site on Jurby Road and run to a point on approximately 500m south of the Ballavarran T-junction.

Stage 4 - Sunday 24th Road Closures:

Race Starts: Women 1230 / Men 1315

The final stage and culminates with the longest stage on the afternoon of Sunday 24th July with 1 lap of the TT course, followed by a smaller loop through Injebreck and laps of a 4.6 mile finishing circuit around the Ballanard Road – Scollag Lane – Governor’s Bridge.

The full timings of all Road Closures Order are detailed below, but these represent ‘worst case’, as the intention is to re-open all roads apart from the finishing circuit immediately the Men’s race has passed through, so as to minimise disruption. 

In respect of the finishing circuit, a set of manned traffic lights will be in place at the Ballanard Road / Johnny Watterson’s Lane junction. This will all for continuous up and down access to the Willaston. Cronk-y-Berry, Abbeyfields and Bemahague estates. The lights will only be changed to Red when the race is passing through each lap.

Friday 22nd July 2022 

Roads Closed between Closed at Opening no later than
Ballacottier Crescent Whole length of road 1730 2230
A6 Cooil Road From junction with Barley Field Road to junction with A24 / Isle of Man Business Park Roundabout 1745 2200
Isle of Man Business Park From junction with A24 / A6 Cooil Rd Roundabout to junction with Ballacottier Crescent 1745 2200
Barley Field Road Whole length of road 1745 2200

Additional notes: 

  • Access maintained throughout the event from A6 Cooil Road to Vicarage Road (Normal one-way direction)
  • Access maintained throughout in & out of Spring Valley & B&Q
  • Barriers to be deployed for crowd & rider safety

Saturday 23rd July 2022

Roads Closed between Closed at Opening no later than
Ballacottier Crescent For five-miles, from the entrance to Mountain View Innovation Centre (MVIC) to a point 500m beyond the junction with the Ballavarran Road 1315 1700

Sunday 24th July 2022

TT Course

Roads Closed between Closed at Opening no later than
 A2 Glencrutchery Rd From junction with Greenfield Rd (not including) and junction with Mountain View (not including) 1100 1900
A2 Glencrutchery Rd From junction with Mountain View to junction with A1 at Quarterbridge Roundabout 1220 1330
A1 Peel Road From Quarterbridge to junction with A3 at  Ballacraine 1220 1400
A3 Main Road Ballacraine to Douglas Road Corner, Kirk Michael 1245 1415
A3 Main Road Douglas Road Corner, Kirk Michael to Sulby Bridge 1300 1430
A3 Main Road and A18 Road Sulby Bridge to Barrule Park, Ramsey 1315 1445
A18 Road Barrule Park, Ramsey (not including) to junction with B10 Beinney Phott Road 1315 1500
A18 Road A18 from junction with B10 Beinney Phott Road Junction (not including) to junction with A21 Johnny Watterson Lane 1330 1600
A18 Road A18 from junction with Johnny Watterson Lane to Junction with A2, Governor’s Dip, (access maintained between Governor’s Rd and Victoria Rd) 1345 1730
A2 Road Governor’s Dip to road junction with Greenfield Road 1345 1730

Other Roads


Closed between Closed at Opening no later than
 A22 Road A22 Road from Bray Hill Traffic Lights, Abbeylands Crossroads and the Ballaoates Road to the junction with B21 East Baldwin Road 1400 1730
B21 Road B21 East Baldwin Road from junction with A22, to Ballamodha Road and junction with B22 West Baldwin Road 1400 1515
B22 Road B22 West Baldwin Road  from junction with B21 to junction with B10 Beinney Phott Road 1400 1530
B10 Road B10 Beinney Phott Road from junction with B21 West Baldwin Road to junction with A18 Mountain Road 1430 1545
Scollag Road Scollag Road from junction with A22 Ballanard Road to junction with A21 Johnny Watterson Lane 1520 1730
A21  A21 Johnny Watterson Lane from junction with Scollag Road to junction with A18 Mountain Road, (approx. 100 metres) 1520 1730

Additional notes:

Unlike with Motorsports, these Road Closures will not have any effect whatsoever on Pedestrians – i.e. they do not apply to pavements and pedestrians may cross the Closed highway provided they exercise the same care they should adopt for open roads with normal traffic. The Road Closure will, however, apply to parked cars.

Start / Finish Area

Glencrutchery Road between Greenfield Road (not including) to Mountain View (not including), will stay closed for the duration of the event, (1100 to 1900 (latest). This is to de-risk any potential delay to racing and to allow for the start and finish gantry to be constructed prior to the start, to remain in place during the event and then be dismantled at the end of proceedings.

Part-open junctions, crossing points & access corridors

Access will be maintained at the following points throughout the race period;

Part open junctions

  • A9 Bowring Rd to Parliament St Ramsey.
  • Ballacraine to the Hope via Peel and Foxdale.
  • Governors Rd to Victoria Rd Douglas

Crossing Points

Crossing may be allowed in between race convoys at the following points and under the control of Race Control:

  • A2 between Ballaquayle Rd and Ballanard Rd (St Ninians Crossroads)
  • Ballanard Road between top of Bray Hill and Abbeylands crossroads
  • Crosby between Old Church Road, Eyreton Road and Ballavitchel Road
  • A3 between Ballabooie Rd and Little London, Cronk-y-Voddy
  • A3 Barregarrow Crossroads, Michael
  • A3 Lezayre, Sulby Glen Crossroads
  • A3 between Glen Auldyn and Gardeners Lane
  • A3 Ramsey, between Fairfield Ave and Bircham Ave
  • A18 Ramsey between Christian St & Westbourne Road
  • A18 Ramsey between Lheaney Rd and Barrule Park
  • A2 Onchan and Douglas, between Governors Rd, Victoria Road, and Second Ave on Glencrutchery Road

Access to and from Willaston, Cronk-y-Berry and Governor’s Hill 

The Ballanard Road Crossing on Johnny Watterson’s Lane will be kept open throughout the events for up and down traffic, via the use of Temporary Traffic Lights, manually operated by Race officials. This will effectively provide the residents of Willaston, Cronk-y-berry and Abbeyfields with virtually continuous access, in and out, through-out the event period.

Supplementary provisions

  1. The one-way road traffic restriction on –
    (a)           Park Avenue, Douglas, for its entire length;
    (b)           Cronkbourne Road, Douglas, from Cronkbourne Avenue to Quarterbridge Road, Douglas;
    (c)           Albert Terrace Lane, Ramsey, from Westbourne Road to a point abutting the western boundary of the rear of 1 Albert Terrace; and
    (d)           Christian Street, Ramsey, from its junction with Albert Road to its junction with Queen’s Pier Road,
    is suspended during any closure period.
  2. Pedestrians are prohibited on the TT Access Road, Douglas and Braddan, from its junction with the A5 Douglas to Castletown Road to its junction with River Vale, Braddan Hills, Braddan during any closure period.
  3. This paragraph shall not apply to –
    (a)           emergency service vehicles and personnel;
    (b)           motor vehicles and persons acting under the direction of a constable in uniform; and
    (c)           motor vehicles and persons authorised by the Department

The full road closure document can be downloaded here

The annual British Cycling National Road Race Series is an elite competition for the top male and female British professional and amateur domestic racing teams.

The series consists of 8 events spread across the British Isles and the Isle of Man has been selected as a host venue for one of these in 2022, with the Manx Telecom International Stage Race being run over 3-days from Friday 22nd to Sunday 24th July.

A total entry of around 200 competitors is expected to take part, accompanied by team personnel, race officials and journalists. British Cycling is the governing body for cycling in the British Isles and the event is being organised on its behalf by a local organising team that has a proven track record, having previously delivered two Manx rounds of the National Series, (2016 and 2019), plus the National Road Race Championships in 2017.

The British Cycling National Road Series is broadcast widely across a range of platforms generating significant exposure and awareness benefits for the host venues of each round. The event has the full backing of the IOM Government Department for Enterprise and one of the objectives is to increase both visitor numbers and awareness of the Isle of Man as a tourism ‘Cycling destination.

  • Overall Event HQ & Stage 4: TT Grandstand
    The TT Grandstand provides superb facilities for officials, competitors, spectators and the media. It will be the hub of the event, as well as being the start and finish location for the final stage. Additionally, the 1,000-seater grandstand with unrivalled views of the start/finish, has an existing podium, race control tower, race office and Press centre with full communications facilities. To benefit local businesses, Manx produce Pop-up caterers will be invited to pitch and sell refreshments.
  • Stage 1: Cycle 360, IOM Business Park
    Parking, changing and toilet facilities will be provided by Cycle 360, who are also an event sponsor. Corporate hospitality will be provided by Manx Telecom who are the overall sponsor of the event. Additional parking for spectators will be provided by Jackson Group, who are also the event Transport Fleet sponsor.
  • Stage 2: Jurby Airfield Raceway
    The DfE has approved the use of the Jurby Airfield Raceway and its Parking and Toilet facilities. Additionally, local Pop-up caterers will be invited to pitch and sell refreshments.
  • Stage 3: Mountain View Innovation Centre (MVIC), Jurby Road
    All Parking, Changing and Toilet facilities will be available on the MVIC campus. Additionally, the café on site, (Babbages), will be open for a range of food and beverages. 

Can I walk on the pavements and cross the road?
Yes, you can walk on the pavements. Crossing the road is also allowed as long as it is safe to do so and there is no traffic insight

Can I park my vehicle on the course?
No, you cannot park on the course. If you need to use your vehicle whilst the roads are closed, please park your car on the outside of the course and walk to and from the vehicle.

What is the gap between each group's Sunday TT Course stage?
There may be a gap of up to 45-minutes between the Women’s and Men’s fields, but roads will open once the race has passed.

Will the roads open earlier if the race is finished?
Yes, courses will be opened earlier if the races are running ahead of schedule.

Can I get to the Hospital during the TT Course closure?
Yes, the TT Access Road will be open and an access corridor will be in operation from Quarterbridge, Braddan Bridge and the Strang Road.

Are Sunday Church Services subject to change when the TT Course is closed?
No Church services will be affected on the Sunday.

Can I still get to and from Snugborough Trading Estate during the TT Course event?
The road will be closed between 1220 -1400. Aside from this, the roads will be fully open

Who should I if I have a query about these closures?
Please contact the team via email at 

Teams and individuals are strongly advised to book their travel and accommodation through Isle of Man Event Services ( by calling them on 01624 664460. They have Trade access to a lower combined, (Travel & Accommodation package), price than that which would be achievable via any of the mainstream online booking sites or via DIY Googling. They will also guarantee free amendments and prompt 100% refunds should your plans change. 

In relation to the travel element, it is recognised that there is an additional cost in getting across the Irish Sea to the Isle of Man. In recognition of this, the organisers have subsidised the entry fee, which will be just £20 per rider for the event, (i.e. the equivalent of £5 per stage). This effectively gives teams and individuals a direct cost saving, whilst also allowing flexibility in respect of how they budget for the travel. 

Ferries to the Isle of Man sail from Liverpool, Heysham, Belfast and Dublin and the timetables and port information can be viewed at However, to repeat the message above, if accommodation is also required, teams and individuals are advised to book their travel via Isle of Man Event Services and not directly via the ferry website.


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